About Winston Campus Elementary School

Winston Campus Elementary School, home of the Eagles, is located in Palatine, Illinois.

Winston Campus Elementary School educates over 500 students from kindergarten through sixth grade in a large facility also occupied by Winston Campus Junior High. We are a diverse learning community - our students come from homes where at least 17 different languages are spoken!

The Winston Campus Elementary Mission

Winston Campus is a community of learners whose mission is to foster the development of life skills centered around respect for self/others, respect for the school environment, and respect for learning. We believe in:

  • Promoting college readiness for all students.
  • A commitment toward strong academic achievement.
  • Generating higher-level reasoning through problem-solving skills.
  • Connecting the learning process across the curriculum.
  • Providing creative opportunities for all students.
  • Accessing information through technology to enhance learning.
  • Demonstrating social responsibility including communicating effectively with others.
  • Maintaining a safe, orderly, and caring learning environment.